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Over 50 million tourists visit Spain each year, making it one of the most popular destinations in the world - however it is still possible to travel for days and hear nothing but Spanish. Accommodation is plentiful, the climate is warm, and the people are very relaxed.

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When you think of Spain, is bullfighting one of the first things that comes to your mind?  If it is, there is a good reason for that: bullfighting has played a major role in the culture and traditions of Spain for centuries.  Although bullfighting is a sport that generates a lot of controversy, there is no denying its popularity and the role it plays in the culture of Spain.

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If you are not familiar with the sport of bullfighting, Spain has its own unique style.  During a bullfight, three matadores each fight two bulls.  The matadores are joined by six assistants, who are known as their entourage.  The bullfight begins with the matadores entering the stadium to the sounds of trumpets.  After the introduction of the matadores, the bull enters into the arena.  The matador confronts the bull, and tests the mannerisms of the bull with the help of a member of his entourage.  This is the stage where the bull is stabbed for the first time and begins bleeding.

After the bull receives this initial wound in its neck, other members of the matador's entourage will enter the stadium and stick the bull with sharp razor sticks.  When aiming these razor sticks, the entourage attempts to place them near the bull's initial wound.

Once the entourage completes the second stage of the bullfight, the matador takes over control of the bullfight.  This is the time when the matador enters with his sword and red cape, and performs the theatrical fighting that most people associate with bullfighting.  While there is a very small chance that a bull will survive a fight, most are brought to their death by receiving the matador's sword through their heart.

Although you will probably never face a bull in a one-on-one fighting situation, if you want to get a taste of what it is like to risk your safety against these powerful creatures, you may be interested in participating in the annual Running of the Bulls.  Although the Running of the Bulls is held throughout Spain and parts of France, the most popular Running of the Bulls event takes place in Pamplona, Spain.  Between July 7th and 14th, a Running of the Bulls is held every morning at eight o'clock.  While there are numerous injuries every year and fourteen people have actually been killed since 1924, if you are brave and looking for an unforgettably exciting experience during your time in Spain, participating in the Running of the Bulls may be the perfect event for you!

If the Running of the Bulls sounds a little too intense for you but you are still interested in seeing a bullfight, you should have no problem finding a bullfight to attend of one of Spain's major cities.  Because of the popularity of bullfighting in Spain, events are held every week in the major cities, and during the peak of the bullfighting season (which varies depending on the city), there are opportunities to see a bullfight on almost a daily basis.

The Bullfighting - Rough Guide
The regulations on bullfighting define in exacting detail the structure and procedure of bullfighting in Spain. Six bulls are selected and allocated in pairs to three individual matadores (bullfighters). This takes place at noon on the day of the fight.

Spanish Bullfight Schedule
The bullfighting season begins in earnest when the fairs start. The first major "feria" is that of Seville in April, so if you find out when your local town or city has its "feria" then you find bullfights. Generally the bullfighting season extends from Spring to Autumn each year, but there are exceptions (perhaps benefit bullfights that are not considered mainstream.)





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